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We Canucks are lucky, because our access to incredible National Parks with perfect water is some of the best on the planet. We have lakes, rivers and oceans right at our doorsteps. This is big reason stand up paddle boarding is so huge here. Yes, we are lucky, indeed!

But, let’s face it, too many of us don’t get outside enough. We work inside, watch movies inside, stare at our phones at cafes, and basically, sit around inside. Not to knock our awesome techy society but we all know life is better outside.

So if you haven’t tried SUP as a great way to get outside and do your body some good, our team at iROCKER is here to introduce you this fabulous sport.

Hello there. Meet Stand Up Paddle Boarding.

Stand up paddle boarding offers at least a trillion awesome benefits, but who’s counting? The fact is, it’s low-impact, strengthening, healthy and zero calorie. It also has the distinct benefit of glorious scenery, so most people love it at first try.

If SUP sounds like something you need to try (and we certainly think you should), then keep reading.

Benefits of iSUP

iROCKERs are inflatable stand up paddle boards. This makes them easy to store and carry. For newbies and vets alike, this easy-breezy mobility completely eliminates any hassle factor.

Then there’s the beauty of SUP. When you’re on your board, you’ll see nature all around you. The water below, the birds above, the fish, flora and fauna, and all of the ahh-mazing natural beauty Canada has to offer. It’s like you’re the subject of a Janet Cardiff painting, really.

Next, there’s the feeling of SUP. A little breeze in your hair, a light spray of water. A tiny burn in your legs and core, warm sunlight on your face. Yeah, SUP feels marvelous.

SUP is fun, too. It’s a workout, yes. But it’s also a social activity, a meditative zen retreat, or the best way to explore uncharted waterways.

SUP-ing lets you relax and forget about stress for a bit. It lets you disconnect from the negative and tune into the positive.

SUP-ing strengthens your whole mind, body and soul with a low impact workout. It might be a bit of a challenge at first (you have to find your balance). It might feel awkward at first (but most new things feel that way). And soon, after some practice, you’ll find the fun in your new water sport. We promise. SUP-ing can be addictive (in a good way), like poutine.

Now that you and SUP-ing have met, it is time for you to go out on that first paddle. All you need to do is find water, inflate your board and paddle out. Check out this link, where you can find answers to newbie questions.


iROCKER Inflatable boards

iROCKER stand up paddle boards are designed by lifelong paddlers who absolutely LOVE stand up paddle boarding. We live it, breathe it and sleep it.

Our intense passion for SUP has us constantly thinking of new ideas to make SUP more fun, more safe, more exciting, more beneficial. And our passion shows in our boards. Let’s talk about some of our fave features.

iROCKER boards are inflatable. You can forget about trying to manage a big heavy board. With iROCKER, you simply need a bag, paddle and a pump to go from sitting at a desk to paddling on the water. Talk about easy! Plus, iROCKERs are simple to store and take with you anywhere you want to go. They fit in something the size of a large knapsack. Easy!

If you’re a beginner, we’ve got you covered with extra-wide boards, great low prices, and all of the gear you need.

SUP with iROCKER is so simple, you can be on the water in just a few days. We promise! Learn more about our boards and order a complete beginner iROCKER package here. If you need input from us, we’re here to help.

If you want to know what our customers think about iROCKER, well, we hate to brag but you can check out all our great reviews here.

We were beginners once, too. We’ve dedicated our entire lives to perfecting the sport of SUP, and want you to love it as much as we do. If you have questions, just ask. You can use the form below to ask anything or just share pics of your first SUP outing. We’d love to see how awesome you look on your iROCKER!

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