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Summertime SUP with your Pet

We talk about SUP pretty much all day every day here at iROCKER. Our second favorite topic is our dogs. Since discovering SUP with our dogs (and in one case, a bird), we tell everyone who will listen that they’ve got to try it!
When we talk about pet SUP, the obvious thing we think of is SUP-ing with our dogs. Tie on a hip bandana, snap on a doggie flotation device, and you’ve got a dream-worthy day on the water.
Note: If you don’t already own a flotation device for your dog, please get one before putting him on your iROCKER. One surprise wake from a passing boat or a bump against a log or other debris could throw your pooch into the water. Better to play it safe. We love this doggie life vest from Chewy because it has a sturdy grab handle for easy lifting or emergency rescue and a comfortable design. It also comes in easy-to-see neon colors, which is great if your dog does happen to fall into the water.
However, pet SUP isn’t just for dogs. One of the guys in our shop likes to SUP with his bird! (In case you’re wondering, yes, he carries a spare shirt!)


Get Geared Up

Whether you choose to SUP with your dog or your bird, you’ll want to think about what he’s going to need during a funday on the water with you. We’re talking snacks, water, safety gear and even a first aid kit.

If you take your pet to SUP in salt water, you will want to give him a fresh water rinse afterward. If there’s no fresh water source where you SUP, you should bring along some bottled water for a makeshift rinse.

Also, if your pet is new to SUP, you should budget a little more time than you normally would so you can safely show him how to SUP.  You should give him a demonstration to let him see how you paddle out come back to him. Stay calm and talk to him the whole time so you can keep his attention. Once he sees you having so much fun, he should be ready to try it out.

When he’s perfectly calm, and when you’re absolutely sure he is going to respond to your commands on the water and on your board, invite him onto your iROCKER. Let him get the feel of the board and how to balance. You’ll sense it when he’s ready to move and remember, he will sense your calm or your worry so by all means, remain calm.

Tip: Don’t forget to reward your pet with a tasty treat!


Take Lots of Pics!

There’s really nothing cuter than pet SUP pics so please be sure to take a lot selfies with your SUP buddy and then send them to us. You know how much we love pet SUP pics!

Please use the fields below to tell us all about your pet SUP stories and to share your pet SUP selfies.

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