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iROCKER SUP Makes Travel a Breeze

If traveling is your dream but bulky baggage is your nightmare, we have good news for you. iROCKER is a travelers dream come true.


Traveling with a stand up paddle board used to be so difficult but not anymore, thanks to the iROCKER inflatable SUP.

Traveling the world is one of the most awesome pleasures of life, but experiencing effortless travel? That’s priceless.

Until iROCKER introduced the amazing, inflatable, packable and travel-friendly, SUP, it was a major challenge to travel with a stand up paddle board.

Finding peace and serenity while on your board is easy, but traveling with one used to be inconvenient and crazy expensive.


The average cost to check a typical nine foot stand up paddle board on an airplane is $75-to-$150. Depending on the carrier, it could be more. If you’re planning a few trips each year, those fees start to get pricey.

Thanks to the iROCKER SUP your fees are practically eliminated. Deflated and packed away, iROCKER checks like any other bag.


iROCKER down to the size of a sleeping bag, it’s crazy to believe that a board this compact never loses its integrity or strength, but it’s true. We designed it that way.

Just as important, you don’t sacrifice quality to gain convenience because iROCKER was designed with your travel needs in mind.

It has comfortable padded straps and a pocket for extra storage on the side, with enough room for whatever extra gear you may have.  This high-quality, incredibly durable, board can go anywhere. Check out additional gear here.

iROCKER SUP packages include:

Travel bag, a removable fin, repair kit and an aluminum three-piece paddle that reduces in size to fit nicely into your bag.

You can take your board everywhere, it only weighs 28 pounds. It’s lightweight and dependable, easy to travel with, yet so strong it can handle up to 350 pounds. It never disappoints, and can handle whatever you throw its way.

Easily inflatable and even easier to break down, this SUP has it all.  Wherever your travels may take you to whatever corner of the world you call home, it can easily be right there with you.  Always have it by your side!

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