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No-stress SUP Thanks to iROCKER

Blackfin 2 Boards Combo

The first thing I do on gorgeous mornings is grab my iROCKER SUP and hit the water. It’s officially the best morning routine I’ve ever had. There’s really nothing better than a nice hour of nature and me to guarantee a no stress day of pure zen.

I haven’t always felt this way about SUP. When I first tried SUP, I wasn’t convinced. It was expensive. I spent weeks convincing myself to buy a board for big bucks  Also, it was extremely hard.  Balancing on a board takes serious coordination and concentration. Let’s just say I spent more time in the water than on my SUP board.

Finally, that first board was bulky and heavy. I was exhausted by the time I stuffed everything in my car. After all of that work, going out for a rip to the water was the last thing on my mind. I wanted a nap, not another workout.

iROCKER changed my view of SUP. It took the frustration out of SUP and gave me zen vibes and an amazing workout instead.

Initially, it was the deflatable design that caught my attention. Inflate it when you want to SUP, deflate it when you want to store it.  I didn’t have to struggle to get my SUP into the car anymore. I was sold!

But there’s more that turned SUP into my favorite zen workout. iROCKER was made for people like me — people who are constantly on the go and need a fun and active outlet.

IROCKER boards are inflatable and deflatable. This gives me the ability to pack it away and keep it in my car. Since I’m constantly on the go, I never know when I can fit SUP into my day, but thanks to the IROCKER design, my board is always in my car and ready to inflate.

The board isn’t just convenient when it’s deflated. When it’s inflated, it is the perfect scale of just the right length and super-stable width. This board has helped improve my balancing, even in rough water.

But it’s the little extras that really set iROCKER apart from the board I first tried.

For one, iROCKER has a non-slip surface. This lets me spend most of my time on the board instead of falling into the water.

The paddle is another bonus. It only weighs 32 ounces and breaks down just like the board, making it easy to store. The angled blade helps me cut through the water with ease and, most importantly, it floats.

I can’t rave enough about the electric pump. Just like everything else iROCKER creates, it’s small but life changing. I can be on the water in under ten minutes. This tiny but mighty piece of equipment inflates my iROCKER in just about five minutes. When I’m in a rush to get back to my busy day, I don’t have to worry because it takes less than three minutes to deflate.

iROCKER offers better convenience, better design, and a way better experience than that clunky board I first tried. Best of all, iROCKER is affordable.

How much do you love your IROCKER? Let us know! Please share your zen stories with us using the fields below.

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