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How to Get Beach Body Ready with iROCKER SUP Yoga

Spring is finally in the air, which means it is the perfect opportunity to start making summer plans. This also means it’s time to be a give’er when it comes to workouts and get that fantastic beach body back. (Not to mention all the other great benefits ISUPROCKER offers!)

Get in queue if you don’t know where to start (we’ve all been there!) Here are some fun and effective iROCKER SUP workouts for sculpting and creating your body goals for this summer.



All fellow dog lovers, stop whatever you’re doing, you need to try pet SUP ASAP. pet SUP allows you to get a challenging (but fun) workout in while enjoying quality time with your pup! Adding a new activity for you and your pooch allows you to increase your bond while building strength and endurance.

As always, you’ll want to practice your usual safety and equipment preparation, as well as some others for the sake of your pup.

  1. Your dog will need a good inflatable vest. Chewy has some great ones.
  2. Relax,eh. Your pup will respond to your stress and your calm so be calm.
  3. Give a demo. Let Fido see you paddle out, then paddle back. If he sees you’re having fun he’ll be more comfortable when you invite him on.
  4. Always begin paddling on your knees with your dog in front, then adjust when he’s ready.
  5. Be mindful: you don’t want to bump your buddy with your paddle.
  6. Remind him to sit and stay, you don’t want him doggy paddling away when wildlife passes.
  7. Tip: put bigger dogs on the back, small dogs can sit on the bow.
  8. Don’t forget to pack some healthy treats for your best friend!


SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga on an IROCKER?!

Yes! What type of exercise could be better? It’s a calorie-crushing, core-sculpting beach body miracle worker. Why?

  1. Balancing in Yoga is one of the most challenging parts. Add water and you have the ultimate balancing workout. Your core will be working hard the entire practice to maintain your balance.
  2. The soothing sound of water helps improve breathing. The water will be feeding your muscles with oxygen and soothing your soul with zin.
  3. The sun, people! A tan will only benefit your killer bikini bod.

Don’t be nervous if you’ve never tried SUP yoga. The advanced engineering iROCKER will give you the stability and traction you need.

For more SUP yoga tips, check out this blog for beginners. (You’re welcome.)


Standard SUP

Want a way to burn 450 calories without stepping into the gym? Standard SUP offers this in a single session. Want to burn some more? Paddle longer, faster or harder.

If you’re still looking for more, put the paddle down and add some toning exercises:

  1. Squats. They improve balance, sculpt your core, AND tighten your booty. Remember to always use proper technique to avoid injury.
  2. Planks. Planks on an IROCKER doubles the intensity. Hold for a minute for the ultimate challenge. You’ll have a stronger body in no time!


Do you have some stand up paddle fitness tips or pics to share? Send them our way! (Brownie points for pictures that feature puppies, because who doesn’t want to see that?) Use the fields below to get in touch.

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