Why My iRocker SUP is My FAVE Travel Buddy

paddle boarding with friends

I don’t know about you but sometimes, I just have to hit the road for some great SUP somewhere South. I normally pack my iRocker stand up paddle board in the back of my Jeep and drive somewhere awesome. I can get there and back, wherever where is in a day or maybe two, and satisfy my wanderlust.

This is not one of those times. Winter was much colder than I like and Spring is not really here yet. Frankly, I’m not getting as much stand up paddle time as I like, which is pretty much every day.

I was telling my best paddle buddy about my itch to go somewhere with my iRocker SUP and she told me about these incredible travel deals to the Virgin Islands. Two hurricanes wiped out much of the US and British Virgin Islands last September. Most of the famous hotels, charter boats and restaurants are closed for repairs. One friend who lives on St John told me the entire tourist season, normally booming from November-to-April, is non-existent this year.

So I wondered, is this actually the perfect time to take my iRocker stand up paddle board to the islands for some soul-o SUP?

Yes, it is exactly the perfect time!

Rooms and apartments are renting at all-time low prices. Airline seats are plentiful. The locals are eager to welcome travelers back to their island paradise. There’s a great hostel up and running and the best news is I just throw my iRocker SUP backpack over my shoulders and I can be at any location enjoying the water and the moment.

And speaking of the water? Yeah, the water is as perfect as ever on the islands so I am told.

And here’s the thing that pushed me to the Virgin Islands, it’s always summer in the Islands, or the VI, as the locals say. Temperatures are around 80 degrees every day.

Every. Day.

So I did it. I booked my flight, bought a brand new iRocker Back Pack Carry Bag and found myself in paradise with nothing between the water and me but the world’s best board.

It was incredible! If you’ve never been to the VI, do it. Seriously, just do it because it will change your life.

The scenery in the VI is breathtaking. The water is so crystal-clear, you can see spotted eagle rays, barracuda and adorable sea turtles swimming all around you.

paddle board cruiserNow, I’m not suggesting the only way to travel with an iRocker SUP is solo. Personally, I prefer to paddle with buddies.  But some people do go solo and if that’s for you, just make sure you pack some extra safety gear and let the people back at home know where you’re going and how to reach you.

Whether you take your iRocker SUP somewhere by yourself or with a buddy, one thing is for sure — everyone who loves beautiful, glassy, water and the incredible feel of their iRocker SUP absolutely must travel somewhere incredible.

You’ll meet new friends for life, see things you’ve only dreamt about and come home better than ever. I promise.

Do you have a travel story between you and your iRocker stand up paddle or are you planning your own trip soon? If so, we’d love to hear it! Tell us all about it in the space below.

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