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Stand up paddle boarding and kayaking are both great sports with their own unique advantages. Deciding which to invest in is a personal decision, but neither has just one purpose. Kayaks and iSUP’s are both awesome water sports that offer a huge variety of different uses. Let’s break down these two options to see which is best for you:



Both stand up paddle boarding and kayaking are great workouts in their own respect. Paddle boarding is a full body workout with a huge emphasis on strengthening your core, improving your balance and building leg and arm muscles. Kayaking is mainly an upper body workout that strengthens your arms and core. Both, however, are low impact and a strong complement to other workouts and fitness activities.



There are loads of other things you can do with your SUP or kayak than first comes to mind. Both are equally great for fishing and are commonly used by serious fishermen. Kayaks and stand up paddle boards are great for accessing hidden spots that your boat can’t reach or a simple ride to the local spots that don’t require a full day on the boat. For this category, it’s a toss-up (except for one huge fact!) iRockers can convert into a kayak, while kayaks simply can’t do the same.


Speed/Distance Racing

Racing can be done with a kayak or a stand up paddle board. There are actually a number of distance paddling races across North America that take racers through some of the most beautiful parts of the country. Even if you’re a bit slower, these routes or races can be great for training or just working on overall fitness.



Kayaks and stand up paddle boards are commonly used to catch waves. Both paddle boards and kayaks can be used to surf similarly to regular surfboards, though surf kayaking requires special equipment. Additionally, both can be used to catch waves while whitewater SUPing or kayaking.



It seems that the one thing you can do on a stand up paddle board that you can’t do on a kayak is yoga. SUP yoga combines the two sports of yoga and SUPing for an amazing workout. A stand up paddle board has more room and a flat surface that enables users to practice yoga positions which would not be possible on a kayak.


Despite kayaks and stand up paddle boards being different in design, they really do have very similar uses out on the water. If you’re more into yoga or crave versatility, then a SUP may be a better option for you.


If you really can’t choose however, check out the iRocker SUP to Kayak bundle. You can use your iRocker paddle board one hour they quickly convert it into a kayak in under 90 seconds. The Kayak Bundle includes a thick-cushioned neoprene kayak seat and a paddle blade to modify the standard iRocker paddle into a kayak paddle. Happy paddling!


Our readers are always interested in places people go to Kayak? We would love to hear your suggestions. Maybe you can send us a picture or two of you kayaking adventures. We will post your pictures so all can see where you go for fun and adventure.




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