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iRocker vs. The Competition

We have some tough competition, but there’s a reason we’ve won the award as one of the best inflatable SUPs of 2016. It all comes down to how iRockers are built, how they ride, how long they last and what our customers have to say. People consistently choose iRocker over our hard board and inflatable […]

What NOT to do with Your Inflatable SUP

Our paddle boards are our babies, and that’s exactly how they should be treated. Even though iRockers are just as durable and rugged as hard SUPs, it doesn’t mean they don’t require a little TLC. With proper maintenance and the right amount of love, your iSUP can keep up with you for years and years! […]

Should I Buy a Used Inflatable Paddle Board?

Inflatable stand up paddle board

If you’re looking into buying a used iSUP, it’s probably because you’re trying to save some money. We don’t blame you! Even though we own a paddle board company, we’re gonna give you the truth on used boards. Going the used route can work out, if you’re smart about it. It’s much riskier, you won’t […]

What Exactly is iSUP?

Understanding what iSUP is all about starts with having an understanding of what a paddle board is. You have seen hundreds of people on paddle boards before, but maybe you have never really been able to give it a chance on your own. When you can stand up, gain your balance, and begin to paddle […]